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Donovan Pinscher
DivaДата: Понедельник, 30.12.2013, 22:13 | Сообщение # 1
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DivaДата: Понедельник, 30.12.2013, 22:17 | Сообщение # 2
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Донован пинчер ( сайт породы http://donovank-9.blogspot.ru )

считается лучшей служебной собакой в США.
Собаку вывели на основе таких порода, как:
Presa's, Bandog
Terrier- APBT,
Bull Terrier, Staffs,
Bulldog-American Bulldog
Herder-Dutch Shepherd,
German Shepherd.

У людей серьезно занимающихся служебным собаководством Донован пинчер считается элитной собакой.

Донован пинчер с захватом пасти пит-буля и послушаемостью бельгийской малинуа.
Поисковая работа, обнаружение всех видов запрещенных веществ. охрана, защита, задержание.
Уши и хвост купируются.
Окрасы тигровый, палевый, палевый с маской, темный палевый, черный. Возможны отметины на груди, лапах.
В основном вольерного содержания.
На сегодня в США около 700 официально зарегистрированных особей Донован пинчера.
Прикрепления: 2975701.jpg (7.4 Kb)

DivaДата: Понедельник, 30.12.2013, 22:20 | Сообщение # 3
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Стандарт породы. Породе более 20 лет.
Nothing like that at all. Here's the standard. Just about to be recognized by the FCI.


I. Introduction

A) To truly understand this breed standard, one must know the history behind this breed existence. Welcome to the exciting new world of Donovan's Pinscher! Never before in the history of the United States has there been an attempt to produce a true utilitarian K-9......a K-9 not only competitive with it's inspirational European predecessors......but uniquely superior to them in several ways......after many years of breeding classic working dogs: EX: German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweillers, Doberman Pinschers, Dutch Shepherds......and enjoying many successes with various breeds.....I have been haunted with a vision.....a vision of a working dog superior to all who have come before him....a dog of unique and varied talents......the tenacity of the fighting dog......the power of the Molosser......the trainability of the Herder......speed, power, durability and talent......a dog that could run, jump, climb and swim.....a dog that could wrestle and twist like the great fighting dogs that I have had the privilege to encounter......a dog with a quick mind and reflex......who would retrieve naturally on land or in water......a dog who had great responses to it's handler, quick to learn and extremely eager......a dog of power......in mind and body......ferocious when challenged and formidable to behold......a dog which could perform equally well in organized dog sports......or life and death confrontation......a dog that could stop your heart with it's grace and passion......or stop an intruder with explosive action......a turbo charged, fearless protector......with clownish sociability......who could out-do most any dog at any task......trick......or trade......The American Built Super Dog......Engineered to meet the increasing demands......of a changing world..........

cool Due to the breeds intended purpose and natural proclivity to protect it should be judge at a distance. Although many specimens are approachable and sociable, it is not considered a fault not to be so

II. Overall Appearance

A) Conforming to breed type

1) Should look like a Donovan Pinscher from across the ring
2) A sturdy three dimensional. Giving the impression of power & strength
3) A square dog with a sturdy heavy boned front, & a light springy back end

cool Characteristics

1) Should be obedient, tractable, alert, reliable, undemanding with plenty of stamina. Adult dogs should be a lean exercised animal showing a hint of rib & back bone (without hipbones showing) with firm defined muscles with a clean glossy coat & trimmed nails. Presentation of dogs in puppy cl$#@! should be of a well nourished puppy, showing no ribs or hips. Coat should be glossy wit short, trimmed nails.
2) A lively dog of clear temperament, General aggressiveness is within breed type. OVER AGRESSIVENESS prevents the judge from accurately viewing the animal. All faults should be judged in accordance with the negative affect on working capacity

III. Attitude

A) Confident and alert, interested in its handler
cool Interested in things around them, in control of their space, not fearful of anything in their surroundings.

IV. Head & Neck

A) Head
1.Well proportioned to the body & well balanced in relationship to the rest of the body
2.Wedged shaped when viewed from top & side


1.should be well muscled
2. Should be long in length

C. Teeth

1. Powerful, scissor bite (when mouth is shut, the incisors of the upper jaw closely overlapping the incisors of the lower jaw

D. Eyes

1. almond shaped deep set

E. Ears

1. Should be a tall military crop

V. Back End

A. Loin

1. Broad & long enough to square the dog. Too short can interfere with the dogs flexibility, too long causes the dog to carry to much weight and affect a dogs agility and quickness.

B. Hip

1. Long & sloping with adequate width, this can be judge by tail set which should be low.

C. Hind Quarters

1.Powerful well muscled with good bone, forming a normal angle at the stifle joint; thus the thigh is not out of the perpendicular. In the hock a moderate angle is desired so that the hock is perpendicularly below the ichium. Which contributes to the natural springiness that is desired in the rear $#@!embly.

2) Movement, light of foot, springy and not far reaching, a quick dog able to change direction effectively, yet with high endurance

VI. Front End


1.Deep & elliptical with a prominent breastbone or prosternum. From the side, the bottom of the ribcage should at least be even with the elbow.

2. Well sprung at the top, tapering to the bottom, extending back to the loin.


1.Wider than the ribcage, well laid back broad and flat allowing for adequate muscular attachment for a heavy and sturdy front end


1. Small & tight set high on the pasterns.
2.Pads thick and well built up

VII. Tail and Coat


1.Skin thick and loose around the neck and chest, tight fitting elsewhere, showing vertical folds around the neck and chest even in a well exercised animal.
2. Short and bristled, the gloss showing the overall health of the animal.
3.Colors, red, fawn, solid or with black masks, any shade of brindle or black the only fault is those colors or color patterns known to be genetically linked to health problems.


1. Thick at base and docked

FAULTS: Too much mastiff type, patch or irregular markings lack of appropriate crop ear or dock tail

MAJOR FAULTS: Lack of working temperament lack of breed type, lack of agility or power

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Flighty or fearful disposition, shyness, insecure demeanor or other temperament defect which would prevent effective working ability.

There is no Dobermann in the breed.


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